Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sorry...Maybe Next Year!

SO...About a month ago I set aside all my other projects (Sword in the Stone, Colonel Mustard, et al.) and set to work furiously on an animation with a Holiday theme. Unfortunately, I did not get it finished. There are some stills, however, with which I shall now tease you...!

 photo HurrayforSantieClaus.jpg

 photo SCvsINs.jpg

It appears you all shall have to wait til next year for the debut of Santa Claus vs. the Ice Ninjas!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Martian" Panic Night!

75 years ago this very night, Orson Wells presented his famous "War of the Worlds" radio play broadcast, sending parts of the Eastern Seaboard (as well as other gullible pockets of America) into a PANIC!

To commemorate the event, I have pulled some early JagoBC pics out of the vault and posted them over at Naked Combat!

 photo A1fbanner.jpg

Monday, October 21, 2013

Machote vs Goldman! (Mask vs. Mask!)

A new American Luchadors series I'm toying with...Not sure how it is going to work, but...

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Executions Series

So this tableau was inspired by a recent episode of the White Queen.
Obviously, I tweeked their idea substantially to make it more personal...But I figure I owe credit where credit's due.

Maybe next week I'll show a guy getting drowned in a vat of wine...!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


This is not from the movie I previewed a few weeks ago (The Sword in the Stone), tho it does feature the models and themes...

Just something a bit gruesome because Halloween is fast approaching!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sword in the Stone ~ Teaser

This week we're taking a break from Claymore to tease you with the first (nearly) two minutes of my latest animation, The Sword in the Stone. It's part of the Seven Princes Series.

Keep in mind this is a rough cut--so no audio.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Adventures of Claymore

So, I've been reading some HP Lovecraft lately--actually, listening to the HPL Society's radio shows, but, same thing while keeping my hands free to work on the computer--and this week over at Naked Combat I'm premiering some of my Old Gods storylines. I'm actually writing/compiling a story set in HPL's time (1920s, thereabouts) but it isn't anywhere near ready to show to the public. So, to whet the appetites, I'm posting a series of not-directly related cells.

These feature the Huge Heroic Musclehead, Claymore...

Monday, August 19, 2013

High Noon!

Another set of pics over at Naked Combat.

This time an adventure in the Naked Ol' West.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

God of War - Poseidon vs. Ares

This week, over at Naked Combat, I'm previewing the first dozen+ cells from a series I call God of War - Poseidon vs. Ares, which has the two Olympians battling over a new found island...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Enhancement Experiments

I don't usually do the big bulky guys myself (Lucky Stallion over at Barbaric Brawn does it SOOOO well), but I've been playing around with a story idea about the government trying to create supersoldiers (I know, hardly original), using members of the same family (as control groups, etc.).

Here we find an uncle and nephew about to test who's muscles have developed into the most powerful.

Of course, it's even hotter if you imagine a cadre of scientists, military brass, and government types all watching eagerly from the sidelines!

 photo EP02b.jpg

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Head Scissors

I always find myself neglecting the old blog when I am knee-deep in an animation...And then posting a flurry of photos and info when I'm done. I've resolved to stop that cycle and attempt to post "something" each Saturday (or at least "sometime" over each weekend).

This week, it's a pose I worked on for my movie, but now of course, as the script changes, it might not make the final cut.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Fearless Vampyr Slayer!

After eradicating the vampyr plague threatening the village of Durham, the Fearless Vampyr Slayer follows the trail of the Master Vampyr back to his hidden crypt deep beneath the surface of the Earth. Down dark and twisted tunnels he journeys before reaching the buried sepulcher...

I really would like to animate this someday. I dig the set and of course a hairy-chested hero in white tights is my thing--especially when he bites off a little more than he can chew (and in this case may well get bit back)!

But right now I am working on an animation with the working title "Colonel Mustard vs. Mr. Green, In the Study". You can see the opening shot of the new movie over at Naked Combat.

And remember, if you like what you see, I am currently giving away Volume One of my animations (all in HD, available no where else) as a thank you for a donation to keep the site up and running. There is a donation button on the sidebar.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

HD Copies of All Animations Now Available!

Some brilliant person suggested I could set up a donation site over at Gumroad. I've done that now, and the link is HERE, as well as in the sidebar.

As a hearty thank you for the suggested donation of $10 I'm giving away a zip file containing newly-minted HD copies of my three animations: "The Wager", "Mortal Instinct: Nightmare Killer vs. Action Movie Star", and "Tales from the Arena: Ogrebattle". Please note, there is no new footage. However, I re-processed all the animations in HD (file type MP4). So these are mint-conditioned copies unlike anything you can download from Youtube, XTube or GayForIt. It seemed a very special way to say thanks for anyone who can make a donation to keep the site up and full of regular content.

Speaking of content, another person wanted to know what a more human-looking version of my mighty Ogre might look like, so I rendered a series of pics showing just that. I've dubbed him a barbarian chieftain, just because he looks all rough and grizzled yet unmistakeably noble. One pic is here:

 photo HumbledStud.jpg

I call that one Humbled Stud.

To see the rest, you need to pop over to Naked Combat.

Someone also mentioned an interest in seeing a hooded (maybe they said "masked") man in a medieval setting, so I am including this pic as well, which I did a while ago but have always liked!

 photo 001.jpg

It's got no name, but tells a story just the same!

OOPS! When I uploaded my latest series to Photobucket, I failed to notice that a change had been made to their software which makes the default setting for all newly created ablums as PUBLIC. This resulted in them blocking all the photos in that album. Understandable I think on all parts...I made a mistake and they reacted like the sex-negative culture in which we all strive forces them to. What pisses me off is that they didn't bother to tell me anything about what they were doing nor why!
Oh, bother!
Anyway, should be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Own Tales from the Arena: Ogrebattle!

No, I have not (sadly) figured out a way to make money at this. But if anyone would like a copy of the movie for themselves, you can currently (for a limited time) download it HERE. It is half a gig, so you need to have some room on your drive and LOTS of patience.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy.

THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE...Refer to my subsequent post for more information...

And while you're waiting...

Yep, I liked my hairy man so much I've already cast him in another film (after a trip to the barber)... Can you guess what it's about?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tales from the Arena

The movie is Live at XTube!  My connection made it a bit jumpy...Hopefully others will have better luck!

Tales from the Arena: Ogrebattle - XTube Porn Video - JagoBC


And now it is also live at Gayforit.

Unfortunately, neither site wants to allow me to embed it here. Sigh. I'll keep trying. But let me know what you think!

The struggle continues...

Well, I tried uploading to both Xtube and gayforit. Gayforit loaded for a very long time and then, when the upload meter reached 100%, it gave me an error message and then nothing happened for another few hours so I finally closed the browser. Xtube has a 500MB limit so I had to send them a lesser version (mp4), but it appears to have uploaded. Unlike Youtube, the videos are not immediately available, so, as of now, I have no links to see it at Xtube.

After all that (and work too) I'm going to bed...I'll try gayforit again tomorrow.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm a Big Tease!

Ah-ha, it's finally nearly here! The movie that ate my life--chewed it up, spit it out, and then ate it again--is almost here. Principal animation is done (a few tweeks are needed) on Tales From the Arena...And then it's just editing...

I'm looking for any sort on recommendations of where I might get hosting for it. It's too long for Photobucket and too sexy for Youtube. Has anyone ever tried gayforit and/or xtube?

Anyway, here's a snapshot from the movie that also, coincidentally, kinda shows how I feel after slaving away at this project for months and months and months!

Also, while I'm asking for help, does anyone know all about Flashplayer? I need some assistance, and can't get anything from Adobe.