Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back From Skyrim!

Sorry for the long delay!  I had the Skyrim bug and had it bad!  But I am well on the road to recovery and hope to have a bunch of new art up soon.  I'm working on some Jago, Barbarian Prince as well as a few other projects.

One of which is appropriately entitled: "Misadventures in Skycap". (I assume the name Skyrim is fully trademarked...!)

On the pro front, I am still tinkering with a bunch of Abel Earnhardt frames, but am also starting a new illustrated story called: "American Luchador Diaries", which follows the adventures of three young gringos who go to Mexico in pursuit of wrestling glory!

As you can see, this story will feature a variety of physical types. (So, see, I do take requests!)

Hopefully I'll get some new art up next week. Thanks for all the emails, and feel free to spread the word around the internet (you can even share the pics if you promise to guide folks back here).