Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Page Arises!

To paraphrase Mark Twain, 'Rumors of this page's demise have been exaggerated."

Though I do confess I've been away. The holidays were hard. My best friend since high school died in early December and my partner is in the hospital for an extended stay. None of which I care to elaborate on as that's not the awful stuff this page concerns itself with. This is my fantasy excape, and I'm happy to finally return!

An exciting new addition that I've been debating for several weeks, is a Preview Page for my various works in progress. This idea has two origins. First, since I have pretty much switched to all-animation all-the-time, and rarely do still shots anymore, the website is hard to update. Most of the stills I do from movies are purely functional: to test lights and shadows, or to ascertain one dude's arm is not passing through another dude's chest...Things like that. They are rarely finished work product. The second reason is that I want to transfer this blog to its own address and stop having to deal with photobucket's weird rules and regs. I'm considering underwriting that effort by turning these previews into a patron page to solicit donations. Honestly, I may never get around to it. It's hard work and once I start asking for donations this will become a job and not a hobby and that will require a life decision I'm not currently prepared to make. So, for the time being, the preview page will be free.

The Page can be accessed: HERE. All I ask is that you keep in mind these are only unfinished WIPs and as such, I request you do not share the files. Feel free to link to them and recommend them to your friends. Also comment comment commemt! I love to read comments. Even the ones about what you don't like!