An Homage...

Jonas Mann vs Sean Summers

The Mighty Mariner! Despite his disability (or perhaps because of it?) he proved more than a match for his young opponent!

A brutal surprise attack at the opening bell!

With the fight finally on the mat, Sean's nuts get a reprieve as the hook is applied to his throat

Jonas heads off his fleeing opponent and delivers several more throat shots with the steel hook

Mann shows Summers what it was like in the day when a sailor could be Keel-Hauled

Retired Merchant Marine Destroys Ex-Navy SEAL!

When we set this one up, it was clear where we thought the hook was:
two former sea men going toe-to-toe for the honor of their respective
occupations. We were expecting (and even looking forward to) a hard-fought, pride-driven
score-settling contest. But if we thought the important hook in this match was
the nautical theme, well, we were seriously overlooking the hook where Jonas Mann's right hand used to be! A replacement for the limb he lost in an industrial accident in 1979, Mann claims he has never let his handicap slow him down. And he certainly stays true to his word here! On paper at least,
Summers, who boasts some of the finest combat and tactical training of anyone we've ever hosted, would seem more than a match for his opponent, who, in
addition to everything else, has a few years on the former SEAL. But Mann, who may have seen that paper, isn't willing to give anyone a chance to find out. Getting the upper 'hand' as it were with a low blow at the bell, the retired sea captain seizes the helm of this fight and never lets go. What ensues is a long and pain-filled voyage with Mann navigating a cruel course between extreme brutality and merciless sadism!

After his highly successful surprise attack, Mann traps Summers in the corner for some more nut crunching,
then tosses him to the mat, mounts him, and uses his merciless steel hook to choke him. Clearly overwhelmed by both the suddenness and
the brutality of Mann's onslaught, Summers' survival instincts kick in and he starts crawling feebly toward the ropes, hoping to escape.
Mann easily heads his opponent off, and instead of a respite, Summers gets several more blows to the chest and throat with the deadly hook. Shoving the
nearly delirious former SEAL unceremoniously back into the middle of the ring, Mann hoists him up for a powerful bodyslam, followed by a wicked Bow and Arrow stretch. After several minutes of excruiciating torture, Summers submits, and, while Mann pauses briefly to relish his triumph, he is just getting started. Tying Summers up like a pretzel, Mann returns his hook once more to his opponent's bulge, teasing Summers into a stage of true panic. There is
no denying the hook is dangerous, and there is no telling just how far the demented sea captain might be willing to go. With Summers pleading for the
opportunity to "just walk away", Mann insteads hauls the former Navy SEAL up to his feet, telling him: "I'm not sure you've really learned to
respect the hook." Summers, only too happy to admit he has complete respect for the hook, is nevertheless provided one final lesson in the efficacy
of Mann's weapon--one he will not soon forget.

The Ancient Mariner Triumphant

This Scrappy Ex-SEAL never saw it coming...

Further softening up the SEAL who hasn't even made it out of his corner yet!

An overwhelmed Sean Summers tries to abandon ship.

Back in the ring, Mann takes a breather from his merciless assault and indulges in a good old-fashioned Bodyslam.

Probing for signs of life.