Sunday, September 27, 2015


So I've run into a conundrum on my Alien Captive movie. I'm a bit worried that Youtube might object to the rather on-the-nose depiction of a man's crotch I've been using. I'm therefore putting the question out into the world. Which of the three pics below do you prefer? They are exactly the same except for the baskets...Which are all slightly different.


 photo 09272015_2_NoM.png


 photo 09272015_334_667.png


 photo 09272015_Reg.png

(You can click on a pic to enlarge it.)

I've been working with the third one, but I worry it might be considered too explicit. I'd love to hear what you all think!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Beyond the Door...!

Not much to share this weekend. Still hard at work on Alien Captive. I like to think I am improving at my craft, and I see myself more of a technician than an artist, as I rely heavily upon my tools. But certainly this latest video will introduce a few new layers to my movies. I'm very pleased with it! I hope others will be too.

This photo is one of the few stills I can share since--as always--I want to keep my adversary under wraps until the film debut. I think the staging is suitably mysterious...What's beyond the door???

 photo Render 209182015.jpg