Saturday, April 14, 2012

Black Bart in "The Wager"

I know I keep harping on my Action Moviestar animation... I've had to take numerous breaks because--I have admitted to myself--it may have been much too ponderous a project to start with (or do second if you count the Fatality Animation). I decided to try making a shorter, simpler animation during the latest break, and the results are now up over at Naked Combat. Feel free to link it or pass it out as I can not post it to YouTube because of the nudity.


ETA: I just noticed Photobucket offers "related" video links after my animation concludes. These "related" videos are NOT mine and I do not guarantee that clicking the links is safe. Play Safe.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Uncle Henry's Boxing Match

I am still slaving away at my movie (for those who've asked, both here and in a couple of emails), and it is driving me crazy. I had to take a little break. Part of that was spent messing with another, shorter, movie which I hope to have at least part of up this month. In the meantime, I started another strip over at Naked Combat. This one features boxing, which was a fun change. Photobucket

Hope you enjoy!